By Gabbi Armstrong
Communications Project Manager for the North Coast 500
Published: 8th May 2018

A Visit to Glenmorangie Distillery

There are many famous Distilleries in Scotland but one that should not be missed lies just outside the ancient Royal Burgh of Tain in Easter Ross and is literally just beside the north (or south) bound stretch of the A9 to the south of the Dornoch Bridge – it is of course Glenmorangie.

Established in 1843, the Distillery celebrates its 175th birthday in 2018 and offers a warm welcome to many thousands of visitors a year – whether it be the ardent single malt aficionado or just families holidaying in the area, or even intrepid NC500 adventurers looking to break up their tour.

Photo: Glenmorangie Distillery

In Scots Gaelic Glenmorangie means ‘valley of tranquillity’ and nobody can deny that its peaceful location on the banks of the Dornoch Firth is truly tranquil. Here you will see and meet the famous Men of Tain who have been handcrafting their famous whisky for generations in the same quiet, unhurried way. Today’s Men of Tain are the inheritors of a great tradition and with that in mind the Distillery has crafted a series of tours that will certainly appeal to NC500 members and fans.

No one visit to a Distillery is the same and at Glenmorangie they offer a truly distinctive introduction to the art of whisky-making – you really can get up close and personal with the team that work tirelessly to create this world-famous whisky and learn some of the secrets that make it such a light, fragrant, elegant and deliciously complex Single Malt Whisky.

In brief the tours comprise:

1. The Original Tour.

Here you will be guided around the Distillery learning how the Men of Tain craft Glenmorangie Original, the flagship expression of the brand, in particular mashing, fermentation and lastly distillation, where Scotland’s tallest copper stills grace the heights of an awe-inspiring space known as Glenmorangie’s ‘Highland Cathedral’. The tour ends with an in depth look at the dedication given by the Men of Tain to the art of maturation in the finest oak casks. Glenmorangie has been pioneering for decades the effect of wood maturation on whisky. In the traditional earth- floored ‘dunnage’ warehouse you can savour the aromas of Glenmorangie quietly maturing.

Photo: Glenmorangie Distillery, still House

2. The Signet Tour.

Complement your Distillery Tour with a visit to the Signet Room where you can sample Glenmorangie Original and Glenmorangie Signet which is one of our rarest expressions and undoubtedly the richest whisky in our range. A complex vatting of our oldest whisky stocks matured in the world’s most expensive designer casks we ring alive Glenmorangie’s rich dark layers of flavour with a very unusual and alluring sonic tasting experience.

Photo: Glenmorangie Distillery, Distillery Casks


3. The Heritage Tour.

A very special experience which adds a pilgrimage to the Tarlogie Spring, Glenmorangie’s own water source and most prized asset. On this tour you will also visit the extraordinary Hilton of Cadboll Stone. A hand carved recreation of one of Scotland’s most revered Pictish treasures that, with its intricate design, has become the inspirational symbol of our brand. You are then invited to join us at Glenmorangie House, our 17th century Highland home, where we will serve you a delicious lunch, personally prepared by our master chef John Wilson.

By the end of the Heritage tour in particular, new friends have been made, whiskies have been tasted, modern Scottish cooking has been savoured and visitors have had been able to experience what makes Glenmorangie so special for so many people!

Glenmorangie House

More information on Glenmorangie Distillery’s tours here.

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