By Gabbi Armstrong
Communications Project Manager for the North Coast 500
Published: 10th May 2018

Live among the deer…

Ben Damph means ‘hill of the stag’ in Gaelic and whatever time of the year you visit Ben Damph Estate you will be able to experience the thrill of seeing these magnificent creatures. We spoke to Louise Gray from Ben Damph Estate to find out more..

In winter the hungry deer will come down from the snow capped mountains to the fertile ‘in-bye’ land around the crofts. From the conservatory attached to the Bothy you will be able to see herds of stags and hinds quietly grazing the grass. Red deer will venture onto the lower slopes around the Thrail House or Ferroch B&B.


Photos: Louise Gray, Ben Damph Estate

As the spring approaches the stags will drop their antlers and you will see ‘cast antlers’ on the ground. Later in the season you will see stags growing antlers again in a protective velvet coating.

By the time the summer arrives both stags and hinds are away on the hill to breed. Through the binoculars you can admire the thick red coat they grow at this time of year and which gives them the name of ‘red deer’. Walking through the glen you will hear the stags ‘roaring’ as the rut begins. The stags, now with a magnificent coat and full antlers of up to 14 points, will be roaring and fighting into autumn.

As winter approaches once again the deer will return to the lower ground and sitting quietly in an armchair in any of the accommodation on Ben Damph Estate you can enjoy watching these beautiful creatures that will always be a part of the ‘hill of the stag’.

There are plenty of opportunities for taking photos of the deer whilst at Ben Damph, whilst respecting they are wild creatures and to never get too close!

They also offer photo stalking experiences on the estate.

Photos: Roaring Deer at Ben Damph by Louise Gray

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