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Rabbie’s Trail Burners


Get your suitcases, cameras, and thermos flasks ready; it’s time to find out about Rabbie’s friendly small group tours.

Robin Worsnop started Rabbie’s in 1993.

All he had was an old Sherpa-van and a couple of friends telling him his idea would never work.

Most tour companies used larger coaches because they made commercial sense. But Robin wanted to travel to the remote places that big buses couldn’t reach and explore in a sustainable way that gave customers a more local and personalised experience.

And it worked. Word of mouth spread fast, and now Rabbie’s depart from cities across Britain and Ireland. They’ve even started to do the full NC500 on this tour.

Robin doesn’t get to drive a Sherpa-van much these days, but he’s happy knowing that people are getting to see the places he loved in the way he loved seeing them.

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Trains, planes, and automobiles: there are a lot of ways to get around the UK and Ireland. So, what makes Rabbie’s different?

You make your trip your own

Rabbie’s use their expertise to build their itineraries.  But along the way you can choose where you want to eat, sleep, and which attractions you want to see. So, if you want to stop off and feed a Highland cow or maybe linger longer in the castle courtyard, you can.

You have unrivalled access here, there and everywhere

Unlike those big coaches, Rabbie’s small and nimble coaches can go to all sorts of remote places you’d never ever usually get to see. It’s like having the mobility of a car with the ‘knowledgeability’ of a guide.

You get your own historian/comedian/guide

Rabbie’s couldn’t exist without their tour guides. And they certainly know their stuff. Some will know the age of every mountain, others’ will tell you about the Viking invasions like they lived through them, and others will play the pipes for you. Whatever they love the most, they’ll certainly make your trip memorable.

Your trip is good for communities

To get a real flavour of somewhere, it makes sense to recommend the locally-owned accommodation and restaurants. So Rabbie’s do their best to visit those smaller places that offer something special and unique. By doing so, they’re supporting local communities. And that’s important.

You’re in safe, experienced, hands

Rabbie’s aren’t as old as the hills you may be visiting, but they do have over 25 years’ experience and knowledge of doing what they do. And it’s obvious they do it well, because they’re always at the top of Trip Advisor and have more awards than they’d care to count.

Sustainability – it’s important to Rabbie’s

The places they visit are part of history; so they want to preserve the environments they travel to so they can be enjoyed by future generations.  So Rabbie’s have strict ‘leave no trace’ policies and donate £10 to environmental and community projects for every ton of carbon they use.

Your adventure is guaranteed

You book your trip, you go. Simple as that. Rabbie’s depart when they say they will and if anything they do goes wrong during your trip that’s their fault, they’ll refund all of your money.

Find out more about Rabbie’s ethical and friendly group tours at www.rabbies.com.

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