By Gabbi Armstrong
Communications Project Manager for the North Coast 500
Published: 24th September 2018

Business of the month: Ecosse EV

Tour the North Coast 500 in an electric Tesla Supercar!

Luxury travel does not start when you arrive on the North Coast 500, nor does it start on the way – it starts now.

Ecosse EV do not compromise on luxury, with their fleet of luxury Teslas to  choose from, experience the iconic NC500 in the quiet, safe and luxurious all electric Tesla supercars. Take in the awe-inspiring all-round views of the north Highlands through their panoramic glass roofs in an environmentally friendly way.

We caught up with Stephen Dunn, Chief Operating Officer of Ecosse EV – our official luxury electric car hire partner to find out more. Choose between their self-drive rental packages or their chauffeur driven tours around the North Coast 500.

Not only are they helping us promote sustainable tourism – for those looking to embark on a luxury adventure along the North Coast 500 they offer all the necessary ingredients for the most breath-taking road trip you will ever make!

1. Hi Stephen, can you tell us a little about yourself, and your position at Ecosse EV?

I joined the company in November 2017 and alongside the day-to-day running of the business, I have the responsibility for the planning and strategic growth – with significant focus on finding innovative ways to promote the use of luxury electric vehicles and eco-touring.

2. What drove the decision to start up a luxury electric vehicle venture?

The decision to launch an all-electric chauffeur and luxury rental car business was largely based on the need to introduce an alternative to the conventional fossil-fuelled offerings. Scotland is famous for the stunning landscapes, amazing lochs and rivers, not to forget its fresh air – we wanted to introduce a cleaner way to explore our magnificent country whilst reducing the environmental impact.

a. Tell us about your chauffer driven tours?

With the growing popularity of the North Coast 500 not all visitors wish to drive. Apart from the challenge of driving in another country, there is lots to see and do and sometimes the driver misses out. From the breath-taking scenery to the glass of wine at lunch, or even a wee dram at the end of their distillery tour; having someone else take care of the winding roads is just the way to do it. Ecosse EV offer a fully customisable chauffeur-driven experience of the North Coast 500. With an ever-evolving tourism market, where flexibility is key – providing a chauffeur driven option really adds more flexibility in addition to a new and dynamic way in which to enjoy the route.

b. What makes Ecosse EV rental so unique?

As specialists in the supply of chauffeur driven and rental of luxury Electric Vehicles, we are proud to be early adopters in eco-tourism and official providers of EVs to the North Coast 500.

c. Where can you pick up your car? And what services do you offer?

There are several rental hubs where you can pick up your Tesla rental car. These are located in Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow. We can also deliver to your door if required. For chauffeur driven tours your pick up location might be from the airport or hotel.

3. Tell us about your fleet of cars?

It you have not already tried it driving a Tesla is a truly magical experience. The Tesla is a car which is built using state-of-the-art technology; it handles every twist and turn the route has to offer effortlessly. It has a low centre of gravity and all electric drive train which ensures stability and smooth acceleration throughout. With a panoramic glass roof, award winning safety features and loads of room for you and your luggage – there is really no better way to enjoy this iconic route.

4. How well do you think the North Highlands are adapting to the use of electric cars?

There is currently a great charging infrastructure in place throughout the route. With venues such as B&Bs and hotels electing to install destination chargers, charging your EV is becoming even easier.

5. What made you partner up with the NC500?

Since its inception, the NC500 has been popular with conventional fossil-fuelled vehicles. We believe that introducing a zero emissions option would help address some of the concerns over pollution; offering a cleaner and greener alternative seemed like a logical step.

6. Do you have any advice for our customers driving the North Coast 500?

There is lots to see and do so plan ahead. Read reviews and blogs as there is always something new to learn.

7. Now, how much of the NC500 have you travelled…?

We did do some filming in Sutherland for our promo video, however I plan to do the whole route when I’m a little less busy around here.

8. As a new Corporate Partner, how do you think the NC500 partnership will help your business?

It is without a doubt another great way to promote electric vehicles and bust some myths around charging and vehicle range.

9. And what do you hope for the future of the North Coast 500?

My hope is that the NC500 remains up there as one of the best road trips in the world, however I would like to see it continue to grow as an environmental success story.

10. And finally… we promise! What is your favourite stretch of road along the North Coast 500 that you have travelled?

From a driving perspective, I would say the Bealach na Bà is pretty spectacular.

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