By Sean McGauran
Published: 29th May 2018

Make the most of your Business Membership

Hello there Business Members, this blog is especially for you. We highly value all of our Business Club Members- after all you lovely folk are what make the North Coast 500 what it is! The NC500 is the restaurateurs working hard to craft beautiful dishes using local produce; the accommodation providers who work relentlessly throughout the tourist season. It is the tour guides who inspire, museum curators that educate and the distillers who share a dram with visitors from across the globe. It is the potters, craftsmen and artisans who show off their skill and offer unique produce; the castles that drop the drawbridge and lift the portcullis to welcome visitors and the gift shops offering goodies. If it weren’t for all your hard work throughout the year, the NC500 would not be the success it is today.

You already know the facts and figures on how much of a success NC500 has been and why you chose to become a Business Member, but do you know about all the benefits of being a Business Member? The aim of this blog is to enable you to make the most of your Business Membership. Your Business Membership is made up of a Welcome Pack and a promotional package.

Your Business Membership Welcome Pack consists of:

1. Welcome letter

2. Stamp (for stamping Passports and Certificates)

3. 4 car window stickers

4. 1 Business Member window sticker

5. You will also receive by email the Logos and Brand’s Terms of Use

The NC500 Passport and Certificate which are given as part of the Personal Membership package are one of the ways we promote our Business Members. In addition to the Welcome Pack, an NC500 Business Membership has a promotional package consisting of a variety of features from a website listing to press trip coverage.

Your Business Membership promotional package consists of:

1. Access to NC500 Logos and use of the Brand

One of the biggest perks of an NC500 Business Membership has to be association with the brand. With an audience reach of over 1.5 billion, NC500 is becoming a widely recognised brand in the Highlands and internationally. As a Business Member, you have permission to use the North Coast 500 and NC500 logos in line with the brand guidelines, for example on your website or in your establishment where appropriate.

2. Featured Listing

A Featured Listing on the NC500 website is a great way to get your business noticed. Your business will be easily visible to people using the NC500 website to plan their trip. Business Members are identified with a star icon on the interactive map and have a Featured Listing on the ‘What to See and Do’ section. A Featured Listing consists of four photographs and a detailed description in addition to information such as contact details and location. The listing is the perfect opportunity to tell people how great your business is and what it’s all about; you have 120 words for the description so use them to shout about what you have to offer!

3. Official NC500 Maps

As a North Coast 500 Business Member you have the privilege of having to hand a supply of official NC500 maps to distribute to your customers. The map has been very well received thus far and has proved incredibly popular hence why we are currently in the process of printing another 75,000 copies.

4. Social Media Package

The NC500 Social Media Package allows our Business Members to promote themselves on our social media pages. We encourage members to use their ‘mentions’ to promote special events, seasonal campaigns or perhaps just to spread the word about all the good work that goes on all year round. The Package consists of 3 Facebook posts, 4 Twitter ‘Tweets’ and 1 Instagram post per year; whether you’re appealing to shopaholics, foodies, thrill-seekers or anyone else, this is a great opportunity to engage with a wide audience. All you need to do is email about a post you have created that you would like us to share to and we will do the rest for you.

5. Priority PR

Another Business Member perk is priority PR. We often have fantastic opportunities for businesses to get involved with events such as Press Trips that often offer national and international coverage. In the past our Business Members have worked with the likes of Lonely Planet, National Geographic and Luxurious Magazine.

6. Exclusive Business Member Events

We hold various Business Member events all around the route throughout the year with the aim of facilitating constructive discussions with businesses about how we can help you and vice versa. Our past roadshows proved successful and we are in the planning stage of similar events. We have also held networking events around the route and support local Area Tourism Groups (ATGs); we encourage all businesses to look into how your local ATG could benefit your business. Keep a weather eye on news about future Business Member events in your area.

7. Monthly Business Newsletter

We are aware that running a successful business is incredibly time consuming and reading reams of information is often not your number one priority. The monthly NC500 Business Newsletter is a concise summary of press coverage, overview of social media and website statistics and news of upcoming marketing opportunities, amongst other relevant information tailored for businesses.

8. VS Classic Car Welcome Scheme

Visit Scotland’s ‘Classic Car Welcome Scheme’ is free of charge to all North Coast 500 Business Members who would like to take part in the scheme. If your business appeals to classic car users, it’s definitely worth considering getting involved. Find out more here.

For those of you closing up for winter, we hope you enjoy your well-deserved rest and hope to see you next year. To everyone taking the icy plunge and staying open, we hope business is good over the festive season! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact and our team will do our best to answer your query.

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