NC500 Passport

A Memorable Souvenir!

Planning a visit to the North Coast 500? Then you're in for a treat! From awe-inspiring mountain ranges, white sand beaches, serene lochs and soaring sea cliffs, to fairy tale castles and haunting ruins, the North Coast 500 has it all.  It’s a place where you’ll discover hidden gems and a wealth of unforgettable experiences.
What's more, you can now get your very own North Coast 500 Passport: a unique souvenir of your completed journey along this iconic touring route.
The NC500 Passport includes 25 recommended stop-over points including off the beaten track with a mix of scenery, attractions and experiences that shouldn’t be missed!
As you travel around the North Coast 500, you will have the opportunity to get your passport stamped (stamping locations included in passport).
Once you have taken the necessary 4 photographs required to collect your limited edition gift, you can stop at Glen Ord Distillery to get your complimentary NC500/Glen Ord glass on completion of your trip.
Please note that the passport is offered free of charge to all our Explorer Members


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Collect unique stamps at 25 recommended stop-over points along the route