GlenWyvis Distillery is the world’s first 100% community-owned distillery. While we finish building it high on a hill overlooking Dingwall, we’ve set up GlenWyvis Basecamp down in the town itself – where you can learn all about GlenWyvis Gin, our plans for GlenWyvis Whisky, and our local heritage tours.

Ownership of Scotch malt whisky distilleries used to be the reserve of an elite few - GlenWyvis Distillery in Dingwall has changed that forever.  Over 2,600 people from all over the world own GlenWyvis, but over 50% of them are from the northern Highlands, the area encompassed by the NC500 route.

 Dingwall lies at the heart of Easter Ross, where the NC500 begins and ends. It was here, in the summer of 2016, that GlenWyvis ran the biggest-ever community crowd-funding campaign in UK history. Like-minded people from Dingwall and beyond came together to invest in GlenWyvis and become part of something truly historic. Together, we raised £2.5 million in 77 days, an overwhelming response to an extraordinary idea.

Our landmark campaign embodied the notion of ‘community spirit.’ Our members are now all equal owners of the distillery, regardless of how much they invested. In the future, as our whisky slowly matures, families will pass ownership from generation to generation. GlenWyvis Distillery is for the future of Dingwall, as much as it is for the present. 

As well as bringing the community to the heart of what we do, GlenWyvis champions green energy. Our distillery will be 100% powered by wind, hydro, solar and biomass energy. And although we always look to the future, we are building on historic foundations that stretch back to the 17th century and the original Ferintosh Distillery with its intriguing links to Forbes of Culloden, the Jacobites and Robert Burns. In name, GlenWyvis also honours two other former local distilleries: Glenskiach and Ben Wyvis both of which closed in 1926. And it is the stories and characters from these past centuries of Highland distilling that have inspired our innovative and sustainable craft distillery.

Today, with the support of the local community and our 2,600 founding members, GlenWyvis is truly ground breaking – a distillery owned by all. As the distillery build progresses, you can visit us at GlenWyvis Basecamp in our interim home in Victoria Restaurant on Dingwall High Street.
Here you can enjoy a tipple of GlenWyvis Gin and learn all about our limited edition malt whisky, Highland Inspiration, released to mark the laying of our foundation stone. Our dedicated GlenWyvis team members will be there to chat to you about what the distillery means for the local community, and how the community came together to secure its future. You may even choose to go out on one of our whisky heritage tours. But more than that, you will become part of the GlenWyvis community as we embark on making whisky history together. Who knows, you may even consider investing…